Game Changing New Product for Nikon Video Shooters

[Update on this post. Have just returned from Antarctica shooting with the Nikon D7000. Amazing 1080 HD video.] Until Nikon comes out with a 1080 HD video camera, there is some hope short term. I just picked up a new Novoflex EOS/NIK NT adapter which permits shooters to use all their great Nikkor and Zeiss lenses on the Canon EOS bodies. Since we are diehard Nikon shooters, this does not apply to us, but if you already own Nikon lenses, this gives you the chance to mix and match. The build quality is beautiful. I will certainly be trying this in a few weeks during our Alaska HDSLR workshop onboard the National Geographic Sea Bird in Alaska. I will be joined by other great photographers, Kim Heacock, Ralph Lee Hopkins, and Mike Nolan. We are even going to have a B&H Technical Specialist onboard.

I am very exited about this product launch, it finally seems like there is a seamless path to integrate both products. Look for real world tests and feedback to follow.

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